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10 best bike routes and trails. Georgian Extreme Ways

1. Borjom Kharagauli National Park  
From our experience and not only our, Many mountain bikers say that the best among the mountain bike trails is Lomismta . A real adrenaline rush is waiting for you, especially for those who like to ride mountain trails.

2. Svaneti
There is no specific route here, the whole of Svaneti is a favorite place for mountain bikers. You will discover many different paths for cycling on this side. But you should definitely try the Koruldi Lakes Trail.

3. Khevsureti (Abudelauri Lakes, Shatili, Arkhot)
I think that Khevsureti deserves an honorable place in this list because it is interesting for both MTB and XS and GRAVEL lovers. You will get a really great experience here. Both on dirt roads and mountain trails.

Here we cannot fail to mention the paths of Abudelauri.

4.Zekari pass 
It really deserves to be in the top three or the top five. It is a great pleasure to descend from here after the conquered ascents. Both on the paths and on the dirt road.

5.Vashlovani National Park
The most exotic part of Georgia that truly deserves this place. If you want to travel through the Georgian wilderness and test your abilities, it's time to visit Vashlovani's protected areas by bike. Especially for those who prefer XS and GRAVEL, but you will not miss the pleasure of MTB 

6. Kazbegi (Juta, Truso, Gergeti)
It really couldn't be missed because this area is definitely for mountain bike lovers

7. Tbilisi (Kojori, Lisi)
It is simply impossible not to give a place here to our capital, because Tbilisi, surrounded by amazing trails and mountains, offers trails for all bike lovers.

8. Sarkineti Lakes
Unknown to many, Shida Kartli offers us interesting and diverse trails and routes. Sarkineti Lakes is my favorite route. Road, XS and GRAVEL bike lovers will probably enjoy it the most.

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